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Creating Content for your Lessons

Set up your Coaching Moments so it is easy to navigate the lesson content you're covering.


Your Chapter content is how you are presenting the information you want to teach. Information should be stored in the order you want the information reviewed. You can use slide images, play animations and video examples to walk learners through every key point of learning. Your content should be easy for you to navigate through when recording your coaching moment. 

1) Create a Concept inside your Chapter and name it

Open the Chapter where you want to add the Concept. Once in the Chapter click the orange button on the top right corner:

new concept

Fill out the Concept name and click save. Every Concept title should fit a facet of the lesson you are teaching in this Chapter.

For example, if the Chapter is teaching what Actions to run for a specific Trigger the first Concept title may be Screen Away Philosophy to cover your overall approach with the next Concept titles breaking down the particular Actions, (Keep, Score, Role, etc) with play animations and video examples:

save new concept

2) Add images and video assets to the Concept

To upload a video or image to your concept, you will simply click the upload button on the right side. 

NOTE: Images and videos can be the primary assets within a Concept. You do not need a play animation in order to add images and videos to a Concept. 

upload video

Now simply drag and drop your video into the white box. Be sure to allow the video to full upload and turn green before hitting the save button.

NOTE: You can add as many video or images as you want and drag and drop them inside the asset window to put them in the order you wish them to be viewed. 

save video

Once you're done setting up the content you want to cover in your lesson you are ready to record your coaching moment in the ASSIST mobile app.