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Creating a Location for your Lessons

Make it easy for team members to find your Coaching Moments by organizing your library.


Think of your knowledge library as the online resource for all your teaching materials. Coaching Moments enable you to provide 24-7 access to the things you are trying to teach. So, everything you want your team to know should be available and easy to locate.

For example, here's our recommendation for organizing your playbook content: 

Playbook CMS structure 

1) Choose a Book to store your lesson in

Books are the top level of your Luceo library. To create a new Book in Luceo.app you simply click the orange plus button on the top right hand side of the screen.

Choose a general name, (ex: PLAYBOOK) that covers a wide range of topics. You can create Groups & Chapters inside this Book to differentiate into categories. 

Adding Book Image

2) Choose Groups & Chapters to store lessons by category

Open the Book you created to store your coaching moment in. Once in the Book click the orange plus button on the top right corner to create a Chapter title and Group Name.

For example, if you want to create coaching moments for how to execute your team's half court offense, you can name the group "Half Court Offense" and name each Chapter for the different Triggers in your half court offense.

new chapter

If you want to store multiple types of lessons create a "New Group" first. Then choose the Chapter name: 

  1. GROUP NAME: New Player Packages > CHAPTER NAME: HC Essentials
  2. GROUP NAME: Half Court Offense > CHAPTER NAME: Screen Awayt

New chapter info