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Recording your Lessons in ASSIST Mobile

Use the ASSIST mobile app to record your coaching moments, save them and share them with others.


Once all of your content is organized you are ready to record your coaching moment. The layout of ASSIST mirrors how you organized your knowledge library in LUCEO.APP exactly. This allows you to record a presentation of your lesson with voice-over, visual aides just as you would in a live practice or film session: 

  1. Open the ASSIST Mobile App on your phone or Mobile Device
  2. Go to the location that you put the content for your lesson
  3. Hit the record button, (upper-right of screen) and record your moment
  4. Hit record button to stop recording, name your moment, and save to desired location

Assist Moment

If you want your fully recorded coaching moment to be found in the same location as your lesson content there are two simple options: 

  1. Add an additional word to the Concept title (ex. "MOMENT") & leave it as a separate Concept
  2. Go to Luceo.app and use "Manage Concepts" to move the recording into the same Concept 

Only account Admins and Staff will be able to change the Book Name and Chapter Name locations. Players and Members will only be able to save recorded moments to the default location. (Personally named Chapter inside a "Coaching Moments" Book that auto-generates when the first recording is saved.)

Recording in ASSIST

*Optional: If you want to share your Coaching Moment with one or more people directly you can send them a link that can be shared via text or any other social media platform. 

If the person receiving the link doesn't have ASSIST downloaded on their device the link will bring them to the app store first. Only people you've added to your account, (members, players, staff, admins) will be able to open the link to view content. 

Share Moment