Tips to taking advantage of timeouts

This article will give you tips on how to make the most out of your timeout situations while using Luceo.

The biggest key to being successful in timeout situations with Luceo is PREPARATION. 

Here is a checklist to follow PRIOR to tip off:

- Put the iPad in airplane mode.

- Put the iPad in Do Not Disturb.

- Double check all of your default settings 

- Use the Label option to put your starting line up in your opening play. 

Don't know how to use the label option? Click HERE

- Have your Timeout Menu / Play Card organized and loaded with your plays for the game.

Need help setting up and organizing your timeout menu? Click HERE


Here are a few tips for in game usage:

- Have the assistant coach on the bench updating the lineups in the app as substitutions are made.

- Have a communication system in place so the assistant coach can have the play the head coach wants ready when he addresses the players.

 - Use the iPad in practice to get comfortable with what features you like best!