Creating Books and Chapters

You can create Books, Chapters (and Groups of Chapters) to organize Concepts and save images, video and play animations to them.

This article covers:

1) Creating Books

2) Creating Chapters

3) Creating Concepts

Luceo Concept Organization Hierarchy

Book Types

There are also three types of books you can create: 

  • Concepts: These are used for storing most of your knowledge library content 
  • Games: These are used for generating brain games from knowledge library content
  • Reports: These are used for associating reports built in the Game Plan editor

1) Creating Books

To create a new book in you simply click the orange plus button on the top right hand side of the screen.Adding Book Image

2) Creating Chapters

To create a new chapter, open the book you would like the new chapter to live in. Once in the book click the orange plus button on the top right corner:

new chapter

Once you click the plus button fill out the all the information in the following fields and hit save:

NOTE: If you are planning to make a number of chapters that all have something in common, (ex: Team Offense) use the GROUP function to divide up your chapters into sections.

New chapter info

After you hit save, make sure to publish your changes with the blue publish changes button:publish changes

Now you are ready to create Concepts within your Chapters and add image, video on play animations to them.