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How Luceo Sports made my timeouts more efficient


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Head Coach Kyle Diemer
Notre Dame Prep (Scottsdale, AZ)


Case Study | Kyle Diemer, Varsity Boys High School Coach | Gilbert, AZ





At the high school level, we don’t get the extended media timeouts like the collegiate or professional teams. We receive 30 seconds to a minute per timeout depending on the officiating crew. So, how do we spend those 30 seconds?


Even the greatest coaches can struggle to clearly instruct players in the huddle.


As an early adopter of tech on the sidelines, I had exclusive access to the Luceo Sports family of apps. This was a literal game-changer for my team.

Luceo Sports revolutionized our approach to Timeouts and Quarter Breaks. I didn't have to waste time setting up a play on the old dry erase board. 

Now I am able to coach and teach during timeouts, I don't waste time drawing a play from scratch during timeouts.

My players loved being able to see plays in real timing, and with clean lines.

There were no more crazy lines drawn all over the board that looked like Coach K’s final second play (shown above).

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  • In a 30 second timeout my players were able to see the play 3-4 times.

  • I was able to stop and highlight any portion of the play without having to erase everything to move forward.

  • My players felt confident executing the play on the floor and it showed, as our ATO success percentage increased by over 15%.
After Time Out Animation
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