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"Our players have retained the playbook much better because of Assist. They get competitive with playing the memory games and trying to maintain their high score."
~ Brandon Rosenthal

Director of Scouting & Player Development,
Arizona State Sun Devils

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Memorizing plays can be hard for players. Our memory games make it easy!





For decades, basketball coaches across the globe have settled with using paper diagrams, DVD, and VHS tapes to share scouting reports and playbooks with their players.

It has always been a struggle for coaching staff to truly grasp if players are comprehending the playbook.

Arizona State was handing out paper playbooks in 3 ring binders and shared film edits with their players via DVD. However, the Sun Devils were looking to have their entire system in one place; and what better place than to be at the player’s fingertips 24/7 via their mobile phone.




As technology becomes an essential piece of everyday lives, it is imperative that athletes are given an educational platform in which offers a variety of learning methods. Understanding how a student, especially a student-athlete in this case, acquires information is just as important as the material itself.

“Luceo Assist has helped streamline our scouting process primarily as it pertains to our players studying the playbook and really learning our offensive and defensive system”, says Arizona State Men’s Basketball Director of Scouting & Player Development Brandon Rosenthal.

is the cornerstone of the Luceo Sports platform. It is every team member's go-to place for answers. Everything about how your team operates is described in engaging bite-sized chunks, and automatically turned into competitive memory games, all in one secure app.



Two features that Brandon and the entire coaching staff at ASU love are the memory games and usage analytics integration. “The players get competitive with playing the memory games and trying to maintain their high score, and then it gives us coaches a feel of who is using the application. We are able to push out messages to our players and staff members when the playbook is updated with a new playbook or video edit,” adds Rosenthal.

All usage in Assist is tracked so that you can see who, when, and how much your players are studying. 

Rest easy knowing your strategies are secure.





A common theme among many Luceo's clients is the customer service provided by our Luceo support team. Rosenthal shares, “It feels like we have an extended staff working with us. The Luceo team takes a sincere interest in our personal success and our team success, which is probably the biggest attraction to using the application.”


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