What is the difference between pro and amateur levels?

Luceo has packages to fit every coach's needs and current budget. First step is to pick whether you need a Professional or Amateur level package.

You Work With a Professional or Collegiate Team

You most likely want to sign up for a Luceo for Professionals package

Luceo for Professionals will give you and your team:

  • 2gb - unlimited Active Storage
  • Show / hide content for individual users instead of only by staff or player user types
  • Prevent staff members from saving information to their private portfolios, as well as a bunch of other enterprise security features
  • Custom branding through the Luceo apps and automatic emails like Account Invitations and Reset Passwords
  • Ability to add statistic and image feeds
  • Ability to access data stored in Luceo via API
  • Ability to connect your user's Luceo login to your existing SSO system

You work for a college team with a small budget, a high school team or aau program, or a youth sports club

You most likely want to sign up for a Luceo for Amateurs package

  • Get access to every Luceo app!
  • Up to 500mb Active Storage
  • Get access to some Luceo for Professionals features buy signing up for the Multiple Teams package