Saving Moments to Your Photo Reel

How you set up your Assist app to allow select team members to save recordings made inside the app to their phones.


Everything you record in the ASSIST app using the "Coaching Moments" feature (record button, upper-right of screen) is automatically saved back into your Luceo team account by default. This is great for keeping your Luceo account content secure and building your knowledge library for your team members to access everything they need all in one place. 

However, there are times when you may want to share specific pieces of information with others who are not members of your team account. Having the ability to save recorded moments to your photo reel allows you to share content from your knowledge library without needing to grant full access to your Luceo account. 

This is useful for doing anything from creating social media content for fans/followers to providing playbook installs, drills, or film breakdowns with a colleague to add to their library. 


Open up in your computer's browser and select the  "Team Setup & Settings" option from the Blue drop-down menu in the upper-left corner of the browser:

Admin Menugif (1)


Make sure to select the right Luceo team account (if you are a member of more than one) from the Apps and Permissions" column and activate the "Assist Save Screenshot & Recordings Access" option from the pop-up menu: 

Permission on (1)


Now open up the ASSIST app on your mobile device or tablet. Go to the "settings" menu (gear icon above user name) and turn on the option to download "Coaching Moments": 

NOTE: you can also turn on download permissions for "Coach Mode" which controls screenshot recordings made in "coach mode" (marker icon in upper-right when inside Chapter content)

Set Permissions (2)