Complete Guide to Team Identity Planning

A Team Identity Plan is a document that helps keep all your team members on the same page and accountable providing on-demand access to the key information they need to know.

Do you have a Team Identity Plan?

Athletes, Coaches, and Executives all benefit from a written Team Identity plan — whether for teaching basic playbook knowledge, team philosophies, or terminology. You must know where you're going before you can hit your key targets, and from there, you must break down the strategies and tactics you'll use to do it.

Most importantly, building a Team Identity Plan in Luceo means you'll get more engagement from your team members. Unlike a static PDF or word document, Luceo's content management system makes it easy to quickly locate the information you are looking for without having to scroll through endless pages of information.

Improving retention of information requires access to the right information at the point of learning. All of this information can be included in a Team Identity Plan (and more). Read on to learn how you can draft a Team Identity Plan that's right for your organization.

In this post we’ll cover:

What is a Team Identity Plan?

A Team Identity Plan lays out your objectives, high-level tactics, target audience, and potential obstacles. It focuses specifically on mapping what's in your head to a strategy that can be followed by everyone on the team. A Team Identity Plan makes your goals transparent and actionable.

Team Identity Plans often include information about the team’s target objectives, goals, team structure, and the strategies and resources necessary for achieving its targets.

An effective Team Identity Plan should do the following:
  • Communicate your organizational goals and objectives to all your team members.
  • Provide strategic direction for your team members.
  • Outline roles and responsibilities for your players and coaches.
  • Monitor your team’s progress on organizational goals. (track the process!!)

Team Identity Planning Process

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that Team identity Planning isn't simply the creation of a Team Identity Plan. In order for a Team Identity plan to be actionable, a high-level strategy is required.

You should:

  • Search for trends from previous experience  
    • What is the most important information for everyone to have?  
    • Where have things broken down in the past?  
    • Why did that happen?  
  • Define your objectives and create action items that meet your goals. 
    • Improved clarity on role responsibility
    • Better execution Out of Time Outs
    • Increased engagement between coaches and players
  • Determine the metrics that will be used to gauge success. 
    • Whose engaging with the material? 
    • How frequently? 
    • Is it leading to on-court results? 
  • Assess your current situation, including weaknesses that will act as roadblocks and strengths that will help. 
    • POTENTIAL WEAKNESS: Transitioning workflows onto mobile, tablets, and laptops
    • POTENTIAL STRENGTH: Luceo training & support to help manage transition
  • Identify any gaps that need to be filled to achieve your targets. 
    • Talent 
    • Training 
    • Technology 
  • Consider new initiatives based on new opportunities not available in previous years. 
    • Recording live instruction for 24/7 access 
    • Creating learning games to improve retention 
    • Tracking engagement to better diagnose solutions 
  • Involve all team members to gather feedback on points of learning that you may not have considered 
    • What information is most valuable to them for doing their job?
    • Where do they see room for improved communication?
    • What's one thing they wish they understood better about the organization?
  • Outline action items to provide direction on areas of emphasis that are most important at the moment. 
    • Documenting important processes
    • Building out knowledge library on
    • Onboarding all team members

One thing to keep in mind is that Team Identity Planning shouldn't end with the creation of the plan. 

You'll want to reiterate this process when necessary to maintain to keep your team members on the same page as situations change.  

Now that you're committed to the Team Identity Planning process, let's dive into the execution component of the plan.

What goes into a Team Identity Plan?

The Team Identity plan itself is broken up into sections that address the overall facets of your team's operations. Each section provides details that answer specific questions regarding the processes you've put in place for managing things - from game situations, to role responsibilities, to task management - this is the single point of truth for every member to reference.


How to create a Team Identity Plan

We've created a template for you to create your own Team Identity Plan for use in your Luceo account. Luceo members can view the contents of the template in the Luceo Lumberjacks Demo account here.