How much does Luceo cost?

A breakdown of Luceo's packages and pricing for both Professionals and Amateurs

Luceo Levels & Per User Pricing

We have a few different packages to fit different needs & budgets. Our Amateur level packages are $2/mo/user, and our Professional level packages are $15/mo/user.
The biggest benefits Professional comes with over Amateur are the amount of active storage, content visibility controls, IP security features & guarantees, and integrations like data feeds and API access.

Luceo Subscriptions

Packages are based on the number of included users (you can add additional if needed). Below are the monthly prices for professional / amateur packages:
Coaching Staffs: $150 (pro) / $14 (amateur)
Teams: $375 (pro) / $50 (amateur)
Franchise or AD: $2,250 (pro) / $300 (amateur)