Adding Users

Create new user accounts for team members, set their role and app permissions, and send email invitations


  1. Using your phone, tablet, or computer - visit the Team Setup & Settings app at
  2. Click the orange "+" button in the top right
  3. To invite users to your account, fill out the fields below and control which apps you want them to have access to. Mobile phone is optional.
    1. App descriptions can be found in this article

    1. After this, the user will have an account status of "Invited". Once they set their account password, the status will change to "Active"
  4. To create a "stub user" - a player or staff member you want to appear in lists in Assist or Sessions - you must:
    1. Do not enter an email address
    2. Turn off ALL app toggles
    3. This will result in a user with status = "Created". You can invite them at a later time by:
      1. Clicking on their name, adding their email address
      2. Clicking on account status and sending their invite
      3. Clicking on their apps & permissions link to give them access to different apps.