Share Content to Assist Mobile app

Quickly add videos, pictures & pdfs or embed URL's from web content directly into ASSIST from your phone.



In this article you will find: 

  1. Why "Share To" is so valuable
  2. Permissions for sharing/uploading
  3. Adding videos, pictures & PDFs
  4. Embedding URLs from web content

Why "Share To" is so valuable

Adding content to your Assist mobile app from your phone makes it simple to save things of interest whenever you come across them.

For Portfolio accounts, (single-user) It allows you to organize all of the random content you get sent to you from people you know as well as anything of interest you find while surfing the web. Allowing you to easily put it all in one place for quick reference. 

For Team accounts, (small number of users) it can be used for things like embedding social media channels, articles and stats feeds into a player Chapter inside a recruiting Book.

For Community accounts, (large number of users) its great for allowing members to upload content such as screenshots/photos of play diagrams, video clips from games or scouting reports from members - all organized automatically in one place by the member's name. 

Just tap the share icon and then select "Assist" from your options menu. If you don't see Assist click on "More" and add it to your ShareTo menu. You can mix all different types of content into a "master playlist" of related material inside a single Chapter.

Permissions for sharing/uploading

ADMIN/STAFF: You have permission to assign any content you share to any Chapter inside your Luceo account and create a custom title for the Concept. 

MEMBERS/PLAYERS: You have permission to share or upload content, but it will automatically go into a personal Chapter with your name inside a Book, (folder on home screen) labeled "Uploads". This Book will not be visible to non ADMIN/STAFF users unless they choose to make it so. 

Adding videos, pictures & pdfs

The two most simple ways to add this type of content is by adding it from your phone's photo reel or from your iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox or other cloud connected files. 


  1. Select the asset from your photo reel and hit the "Share" button (bottom-left)
  2. Choose the "ASSIST" mobile app icon from your "Share To" options (orange button)
  3. Select the location you want the assets to be stored in ASSIST & hit save (arrow button)
    1. Create a name for the Concept you are saving the asset to
    2. Choose the Book Name you want it saved in from the dropdown
    3. Choose the Chapter Name you want it to be located in from the dropdown

NOTE: if you are a member of more than one Luceo Team account be sure to choose the account you want to save in before the rest of STEP 3

Share To from Photos (2)


  1. Choose your cloud storage option from your phone's "Files" options (ex: iCloud Drive)
  2. Locate the asset you want to add in your cloud storage (ex:Desktop > Image)
  3. Press-and-Hold asset to access options menu and choose "Share"

Choose the Assist icon and location in the app as outlined in the image in the section above. 

Share To from Cloud (1)

Embedding URL's from web content

Embedding web content works almost the exact same way as sharing assets. Any web content that has a share to button for a URL can be added in the exact same way to ASSIST. Create Chapters to organize your most frequently used resources for news, entertainment, travel, scheduling, research and more. 


Embed_ops_1 (1)


Embed_ops_2 (1)

NOTE: You can also embed other types of content such as GOOGLE DOCS and other utilities by hitting the "Copy link" button and opening ASSIST to save the URL Link directly into the "Notes" section of any Concept.  (see full list of embed options here)